Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Near to printing...

Well, we've hoed a long row but at last are near to printing. I've scheduled a modest launch at the Duluth Art Institute for January 21st, around 7pm- between the annual board meeting, and Sarah Brokke's closing party. Aside from the hand bound 1st editions I hope to have at least some paperback copies available. I also dread having to possibly speak; perhaps some of the more eloquent contributors to the project could do so instead? Here's our page 1 (again, hewn from blurb's inane template. Use ctrl +, alot). The text from Louis is astonishing: "When the wind is right you can hear, even at this distance, the crying of those who have fallen and are unable to rise." From “Sommersault,” The Winter Road, 2004


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